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What People Are Saying About Justine

“Justine Arian has been my life coach for the past six months. Her life coaching style is very unique and effective. She helped me get to a place of self-acceptance, where there was only self doubt and self criticism. Through her coaching, I realized what a powerful human being I am and feel confident that I can achieve anything I set my mind to. I am more in tune with my inner guidance system and I trust myself to choose what I truly want in life, regardless of what others might think or say. I am so grateful to have worked with such a committed, compassionate, and intuitive life coach as Justine.” -Graciela Sanchez, Educator, Community Advocate, and Vision Success Strategist


“Justine is a very talented and gifted coach! I have received so much value, insight and clarity from working with her both professionally and personally. Justine is able to help you get crystal clear on your path, your mission and what you want to accomplish. She also helps you set up an action plan in digestible steps so you are never overwhelmed. If you are ready for confidence, action, support and dreaming big, Justine is the coach for you!” -Gretchen Kehan, Transformational Coach for Women, Santa Rosa


“I felt like Justine was totally tuned in to my purpose before I was. She has a knack for seeing her clients strengths and bringing them forth for us to see and giving us the confidence to go for it. I created my dream job of spiritual coaching completely out of my work with Justine. It was not something I planned to do, and now I am doing it and feel like it is what I am meant to do in this world. I am so grateful.” – Pete Theodoropoulos, Spiritual Coach


” I connected with Justine at a time when I was overwhelmed in all spheres of my life. I am a wife and a mother of two young children; a business owner of two practices; and an independent contractor for two organizations. There are many things on my plate, all of which I enjoy; but I was finding that I never had time to focus on one thing for too long before my attention was needed elsewhere. I was feeling fragmented, exhausted, and uncomfortable. My career is centered around helping others; and I pride myself on doing just that. However, I am not so great at self-care. It was clear I needed someone’s help to identify what I was doing wrong and how I could take back control in my life.

When Justine and I first began to work together, she took a very thorough assessment of my lifestyle, personality, goals, and business strategy. From our first call, I felt very supported by, connected to, and empowered by her. She is gentle and compassionate; but is also very perceptive and candid. That is a great combination for me since I appreciate someone helping me peel the layers back, thinking through situations, and deciding action steps and goals. Justine does all of this while remaining nonjudgemental and kind.

We have worked together for 3 months now. In that small timeframe, I have gained valuable tools from her to implement in my daily life around time management, identifying values, business strategy, family priorities, and self-care. I feel more calm and in control; am balancing my time between responsibilities better; and have embraced that there are some things in life I do need to let go in order to be successful in other areas. I still have a lot on my plate, but I don’t feel as stressed as I did 3 months ago. I will continue to work with Justine because I believe her guidance and support is propelling me quicker and more authentically down the paths I want to go with my businesses and in my personal life.” – Teresa S., Mompreneur

Justine has a unique way of inspiring and uplifting everyone she connects with! Through her Life/Business Design Strategy Program, she took my vision and gave me the tools and confidence to move my business forward with clarity and focus.

As a coach, Justine has a gift of bringing your ideas to life, creating the action and support you need. She offers tremendous value and insight and I am so grateful to have met Justine and will continue to work with her throughout my professional and personal life!” – Jennifer Battaglia, Event Planner, Los Angeles, CA


I’ve enjoyed the experience of working with my life coach, Justine on so many levels. It allows me to take the time to talk out my challenges. It has become a great tool to help me map out a plan of action when dealing with life. Sometimes areas of life can seem overwhelming and it has really helped to break it down and focus on one thing at a time. The greatest part is when you realize things aren’t all that bad and can be easily dealt with.
Coaching has allowed me to learn things about myself and come to know that the glass is really half full. It has helped me to remember, life has it’s ups and downs, challenges and surprises but it’s all in the way you deal with each surprise and use your own beautiful, amazing attributes. The skills and tools I have learned from working with Justine make things so much easier.
Thank you for your assistance Justine!”
– Mona G.


“Justine’s unique gift is to help you uncover the truth about you- your gifts, your deep capacity to manage your own choices, your purpose in life. In the short time I spent with Justine, I came away more aware of myself and what I want, and empowered by tools to recognize the back chatter of self-destructive voices in my thoughts, and release that negativity. If you have avoided therapy or coaching because because you are reflexively afraid that the real reason you aren’t getting what you want in life is that you’re not _____ (fill in the blank) enough, that you are in some way flawed and don’t have what it takes, I strongly encourage you to let Justine help you meet the real you. The truth about you is that you have what it takes to be a gift to the world and lead a life that you can’t wait to get out of bed to meet, each day. Go find it!” – Laura W.


“You have been such a powerful inspiration and you have truly impacted my life in a significant way. I am awake and alive in my endeavor to live life to its fullest! You are a great coach and you have a phenomenal gift! Thank you Justine!” – Rocky Q., Songwriter/Musician


Since I started doing coaching with Justine a year ago, my life has changed dramatically. I really wanted to pursue doula work, childbirth education and midwifery, but was so afraid to take that initial step. She walked me through all these wonderful, albeit sometimes hard processes that have proved to be life changing. I was working full time and only doing my “dream” job part time when I could fit it in and now I am way beyond where I thought I could be all to Justine’s coaching keeping me accountable and on track. Without her help I would still be “stuck” in the same unfullfilling place I was. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  – Kim Gross, CD(DONA), HCHI, Student Midwife, NCM


“As my coach, Justine is simultaneously tender and fierce (fierce for me and my fulfillment). She makes me feel completely safe while she also won’t let me settle for anything less than what she knows I am capable of. Being a new mom, self-employed, and a ballroom dancer I need this kind of support. Balancing these parts of my life takes clarity and action, and Justine is able to help me access both.  Justine’s coaching style is also beautiful. I always feel connected, heard, and understood. It is like she is standing right with you saying, “I’m right here and we will figure this out.” I am so thankful for her, as is my family, because how she helps me makes me to be a better person for them as well for myself.”  – Kerri Yates, Colorado


“I highly recommend Justine as a coach. She has a magical way of connecting with people using her strong intuition, sensitivity and deep caring. I am impressed by how she can pinpoint what drives a person and connect with their feelings and needs to bring them forward. Justine brings a sense of humor and a smile to the coaching relationship. I know that in one session we can go deep places and also keep it light hearted. I really appreciate Justine’s ability to listen and her obvious concern for my well being. For anyone considering a coach, Justine is a great choice.”  – A.H., Mother of 2, Orange County


“As the eldest of 8 children, I was ‘parentified’ at an early age, thus deciding to go away for college and truly finding-out who ‘I’ was, aside from being the big sister and my parents ‘go-to’ person, was difficult for me to do. All that changed for me when I began my coaching sessions with Justine. The work we did together really empowered me and gave me the tools necessary to make positive and lasting changes. The wheel of life exercise is a tool that I still use to help remind myself who I am, where I want to be and what I need to get there. Although my goals may change, the tools of self-empowerment, motivation, and believing in myself will never change. Today I use those tools both personally and professionally as a marriage and family therapist. I am so grateful to have discovered coaching and thankful for Justine as my coach.”  – E.R.-South Bay


“Justine Arian is a transformational speaker and coach that walks her talk. She explains life wisdom and knowledge in easy focused ways that can be put to use immediately. Justine speaks in a warm, authentic and confident way, that draws the audience in immediately. I think she’s amazing! ” – Kim Somers Egelsee, #1 Best Selling Author/ Life Coach/ Speaker/ Confidence Expert


“As I sat in the audience and listened to you, you fed my heart and soul with Motivation, Inspiration and Enthusiasm, I was filled to overflowing Love and Energy. You bring so much Wisdom to a Room, and to the Table of Life, where we share in the moments, take what we need and leave a bit of our Souls in each other. I am Blessed, Transformed and Ready for my Change. I thank you and all the other amazing Women who Inspire me, Fire me up, I go forth and do the Same right where I live, love and work….Gracias/Thank you.” – Reverend Emma Molina-Ynequez, Healing Minister BodyNSoul


“I heard Justine speak at a conference and I instantly liked her when she approached the stage. Her energy was sweet and likable and when she spoke she had a way of reaching me that I could relate to and that made me comfortable. Her message really got across and helped me to feel better about myself knowing I wasn’t the only one that had these issues. What she shared made it seem easier to forge forward with my dreams and not give in to my inner bully that was sometimes holding me back unconsciously.” – M.K.


Life Purpose, Visioning & Goal Setting Group Coaching Participants

“I feel much more strongly on purpose and more clear than ever about my contributions and passions. I feel empowered with the tools given to me- such as goal setting, life charts, worksheets, perspectives, the support.” – Laura Jane Carpenter Stubbs, Yoga Therapist & Mother of 2


“I am motivated and excited to move forward with my life! I feel a surge of energy in me that I haven’t felt before. I have and am moving toward a purpose.” – Holly Rudnick, Mother of 2


“I have an inner strength that I hadn’t seen before. I knew it was there, I just didn’t know how to tap into it. This process has really helped.” – Gabriella Anhalt, Huntington Beach


“I definitely have more clarity to see where I’m heading and more confidence knowing I will indeed get there. This program has been wonderful with providing the tools that are so useful in helping to make my dream all the more tangible.” – Wennifer Lin, PhD, Mother of 3


“Justine is incredible. She helped me to find my life’s purpose and continues to help me live it. I feel more convicted about what I am meant to do with my life. I also feel more capable and have a deep sense of knowing that it WILL happen.” – Carrie Roldan, Life Coach & Mother of 3

Childbirth and Family Coaching Clients

“Dear Justine, Thank you for opening your heart to us. We feel you have helped empower us to make the best decisions for our family. We really appreciate all the knowledge and support you have provided us. You have an amazing gift you are sharing with this world and we thank you for sharing it with us.”  – Sara and Chris-Orange County


“Justine has a distinct ability to make people feel like they have all the tools necessary to achieve their goals.”   – Adrian, Hannah and Emma Alita, Irvine, CA


“From our first meeting with Justine, my husband and I could tell she was genuinely concerned with helping us… We could never repay her for her knowledge of the process and expertise, or her passion to give women that extra encouragement to empower them … Thank you Justine!”  – The Taylors, Orange County


“Justine is caring, creative, supportive, and multi-dimensional while also being focused and results-oriented. I highly recommend her!” -Jolene Myrter, Long Beach


“The Personal Renewal Group has been a wonderful environment for getting support to improve my life. The new awareness along with the coaching and nurturing, supportive environment have helped me reduce stress in my life and make positive changes. I realized how stressed I was and that it was causing me to react by yelling at my children which was hurtful to them and me.  Through the support of the group I committed to cut yelling out from my life. I did it one day at a time and after 21 days I stopped keeping track and the yelling stopped. This has tremendously improved my family life and has taken the guilt away and a big load off.  Justine has taught us many valuable skills that I use in my life daily. I strongly believe if women have this kind of support on a regular basis, it will reduce marital stress, depression, improve relationships, etc. I hope more women take advantage of this PRG support system.” -Jzin, Mom of 3

“Through the coaching I was able to explore and dig deep into myself and discover what was most important to me.  I stayed focused on what I wanted for myself and our birth experience because  I was connected to my values and priorities and worked through my fears”. -Tami Meade, First time mommy Costa Mesa, CA

“Justine’s Birth Empowerment Coaching helped ease my many fears of birth.  My biggest fear was not having the inner strength to endure the pain of labor and giving birth without drugs.  Justine helped me work out my fears and after coaching I felt that I would not let myself down no matter what choices I made during labor.  I felt liberated and a weight was lifted off my shoulders.” -Monica Cardenas, Long Beach, CA

Dear Justine,
Your knowledge, support, and guidance were vital during our pregnancy… especially, in preparation for and up to the day of Andre’s unexpected early arrival.  Thank you for empowering the three of us to realize such a beautiful all-natural birth experience.  You will always be a part of that moment. Thank you.”  Love, Eva, Michael and Andre  

“Justine has such a vast knowledge of the birthing process, my husband and I learned so much from her during our birthing classes and she was so supportive during my pregnancy.  I especially liked the strategies she gave us to help me stay calm during the birth of our little girl and her guided imagery CD.  I would recommend her to anyone I know looking for support before, during, or after pregnancy- she is a very valuable resource!” -Michelle Marshall, Long Beach, CA

“My partner and I had the pleasure to work with Justine as we prepared for the birth of our twin boys. Justine was very kowledgable in the Bradley birth method and was able to assist us in updating our understanding of the process. Justine was also a great source of information for other support services to assist me (the birth mom) in preparing for and having the most optimal birth experience. I would definitely recommend Justine to anyone considering having a baby and looking into natural chilbirth as a birth option.” -Sharon Faustina, Long Beach, CA

“I had the most amazing birth with my son, thanks to Justine…. She empowered me & my husband to make it happen. Being a busy woman, she worked with my husband and I to meet our needs so that we got the information we needed to have a successful natural birth. She is capable of working with all types or women and any “Dream Birth”. In 2 years when we will have our next baby, I will be nocking on her door once again!” -Daniella Lucero, Orange County

JUSTINE ARIAN, CPCC Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

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