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Year End Clearing and New Year Calling In

Year in Review-

Take a few moments to review your year. Starting back in January and moving through the season until now December 28th.

What was good about 2017?


What are you most proud of?


What worked well in you business? In your relationships? In your parenting? In your home? In other areas of your life?


What didn’t work so well in your business? Relationships? Parenting? Home? Other?


What were/are your greatest lessons from 2017?


What do you wish to release?


What word sums up your year?


Looking Forward-

What is your power word for 2018?

What 1 to 3 big goals do you have for 2018?


Visioning exercise- Imagine yourself and your life one year from now. The end of 2018 and all that you have accomplished. Include your power word feeling, accomplished goals, your values, your personal strengths used, all the support you had, your self-care practices, your relationships, your business success, your purpose in action and the ease and flow in which it has all happened. What is the FEELING you have? How are you celebrating?

Remember this feeling and act as if.

And so it is.

JUSTINE ARIAN, CPCC Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

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