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Lesson 1- Use Your Voice, Speak Your Truth

By June 9, 2015No Comments

yourvoicemattersI’m kicking off the first lesson with the one that has most personal meaning to me. My grandma was born with a powerful voice, very strong tone and shared her opinions freely. You always knew where she stood and she was unapologetic about it. She also was a speech and drama teacher and taught others how to use their voices.

I too was born with a powerful voice and something to say. I participated in drama and speech competitions in school and have never been afraid to speak in front of audiences. If you know me, I am opinionated like The Old Lady, and if you have the privilege of being close to me, you know I rarely hold back 🙂 However, I have been holding back on the full self-expression of my life purpose.

As a coach I work with many women and a few men, who feel they do not have a voice. They fear what others will think of them so they hold back. It’s sad to know so many people feel silenced when the truth is, each of us are powerful and have something important to share.

Where in your life are you holding back? Where would you like to be more fully expressed? I started this blog as one way to speak my truth. I am inspired and motivated to do more. In fact, I’m creating a program that will help others discover their own extraordinary strength and value so they can fulfill on their life purpose by using their voice to speak their truth. This is one of the greatest ways I can honor what I was given from my grandma.

What will you do to to strengthen your voice muscle? I’d love to hear from you about what ways you’ve been holding back from using your voice and speaking your truth. Together we can activate the choir and sing a beautiful harmony that will touch, move and inspire the world.

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