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Lesson 7- Live Passionately

By August 13, 2015No Comments

I’m really missing my grandma right now. I miss her smile, her kind heart and her contagious passion for life. I didn’t write last week because I wasn’t inspired. I’m not particularly inspired right now but this is my connection to my grandma and how I carry on her spirit. So today I will write about passion for life because that is what she would want; for me and you and all of us to feel passionate about life.

As I’ve spoken about before, my grandma was a passionate school teacher, she was passionate about travel and new adventures, about learning, about laughing, about family, about being a democrat, about living life each day to the fullest. Her passion came through in the way she talked, in how she shared, in the things she did and in how she left us feeling in her presence.

Right now, I re-commit to living my passions. I commit to empowering others, enjoying my children more, having a passion-filled relationship with my partner, feeling good in my body, traveling, speaking, writing and whatever else fills my heart. Today and each day I will live from my heart and allow my passion to flow through me onto those who are open to receiving it. I will enjoy the small things in life and not take anything or anyone I love for granted. I do this as a way to honor the sacred relationship I share with “The Old Lady”. I can see her smiling now. She is pleased.

This post is short and sweet. The message is powerful. I’m curious about how you will take this message and apply it to your life? I would love to hear in a comment below, what this has inspired in you. Please do share.
Live passionately

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