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Lesson 9- Memories Last a Lifetime

By September 25, 2015No Comments

Memories quote
Today is my birthday and I’ve been thinking about my grandma a lot lately. She was always the first to send me a birthday card in the mail. I’m definitely feeling her absence. I know I previously wrote a post about how she made people feel but I find it particularly relevant today as I celebrate my birthday and my existence.

Here are three things I’d like to share that relate to “The Old Lady” and what I’ve learned from her.

1) It’s the little things that count- Sending hand-written birthday cards and letters is a lost art form. When it happens, I always feel special. Don’t you? It’s doing things different from the norm, that really makes a difference. Here is where I am challenging you to think differently, and more importantly, act differently. Identify one thing you can do right away that is different than how you would normally do things and would make someone else feel special. Then go do it.

2) Rituals and traditions are special and appreciated- We always remember those things in our childhood that were consistent and unique experiences, right? Like, spending 2 weeks in Big Bear every Summer or making tamales at Christmas, or playing UNO every time we visit grandma, or you get the drift. My grandma always made a big deal out of birthdays and holidays in general. She always created unique and special memories for us kids growing up. My mom did and still does the same. What traditions and rituals are you creating in your family? What would you like to do to make special memories for yourself and your loved ones? Go make a list right now. Choose one thing that speaks most to you and create a plan to make it happen. Put it on the calendar. Please share below so I can get some ideas 😉

3) You are lovable, deserving and special- No matter what you have been previously told or thought about yourself, the truth is you are unique and special. We all are. You are worthy of love just because you exist. You have unique characteristics that no one else possesses and that makes you special. Embrace your differences, flaws and uniqueness because they are also your strengths. It’s true.

Yes, you are a bright light here to shine and bring love and joy to those around you. Own what makes you special and bring more of that to the world. We are counting on you for that. Today I give thanks for my beautiful existence to my grandma and my other relatives who have given me life and more importantly, have shown me how to live.

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