In this personalized coaching program, you will be guided through a proven process that will give you clarity about the truth of who you are, your purpose & impact, and what to do next.


You may be wondering, “who am I really?” or “why am I here?”, and you may be feeling a sense of emptiness, loneliness or dissatisfaction with your current situation. Or perhaps you have an idea of who you are and what you want, but just don’t know how to go about getting what you want.

If you are seeking more clarity, more confidence, more courage to live a life that feels true and in alignment with your heart… one that fills you with joy and purpose and one that makes a difference, then there is certainly hope, because you are in the right place.

You have all the answers for your life within you and it is my job to bring them out. Together we got this! Coaching with me privately is by far the fastest way to see results in your life.

Through a 3 month guided self-discovery process you will:

  • Discover your strengths
  • Bring to life your gifts
  • Understand your purpose and impact and create your unique purpose statement
  • Connect to your authentic voice & self-expression
  • Identify and move through limiting beliefs
  • Gain new perspectives on living powerfully from your heart
  • Set powerful intentions and goals in alignment with you true self and calling
  • Establish Self-care practices
  • Create support structures & systems
  • Gain Confidence, clarity and courage
  • Find more balance
  • Ignite your passions
  • Cultivate daily connection practices
  • Make powerful choices from your heart
  • Bring your vision to life
  • Create an action plan!

What’s included:

  • A Discovery Assessment Questionnaire that will help you and I gain clarity and focus about what your specific needs are and a plan of action to address them.
  • A Discovery Session to discuss the direction set forth in the Discovery Assessment
  • 12 sessions over a 4 month period (3 sessions per month)
  • Email accountability in between sessions

Investment: $2,397


Ready to make some significant changes in your life? I’m here to help. Feel free to book a Complimentary Session with me here. In this session, we will explore your desires and needs and how I can help you.

What Clients are Saying

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“Justine has a unique way of inspiring and uplifting everyone she connects with! Through her Life/Business Design Strategy Program, she took my vision and gave me the tools and confidence to move my business forward with clarity and focus.As a coach, Justine has a gift of bringing your ideas to life, creating the action and support you need. She offers tremendous value and insight and I am so grateful to have met Justine and will continue to work with her throughout my professional and personal life!”

Jennifer BattagliaEvent Planner, Los Angeles, CA

“I’ve enjoyed the experience of working with my life coach, Justine on so many levels. It allows me to take the time to talk out my challenges. It has become a great tool to help me map out a plan of action when dealing with life. Sometimes areas of life can seem overwhelming and it has really helped to break it down and focus on one thing at a time. The greatest part is when you realize things aren’t all that bad and can be easily dealt with.

Coaching has allowed me to learn things about myself and come to know that the glass is really half full. It has helped me to remember, life has it’s ups and downs, challenges and surprises but it’s all in the way you deal with each surprise and use your own beautiful, amazing attributes. The skills and tools I have learned from working with Justine make things so much easier. Thank you for your assistance Justine!”

Mona G.