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A little over a month ago, my partner Ethan quit his job. He had been unhappy for a few years, but like so many, he didn’t consider leaving because it was familiar and secure and he felt a level of comfort even though he was unhappy. When it got to the point where he knew he could no longer take it, we had some pretty deep conversations about what’s next. He really had no idea what he would do if he quit. He just knew he needed to get out of that toxic environment immediately.

Ethan did something really smart and something really courageous. He thought it through, weighed all his options, created a Plan B and then jumped. Once he made the decision to do the best thing, even though he had no idea what was next, he never looked back.

What happened as a result? A slew of new opportunities opened up for him. He has more work than he knows what to do with right now and he has more time off than he did before to enjoy time with his family this summer. It was a total win and he is so much happier.

I share this with you because you may be in a situation where you are not happy but you are afraid to do anything about it. You may be tolerating something that is not in your best interest.

If this is true, what is it costing you?

I invite you to gather your strength and courage and get the support you need to make the necessary changes. Your heart knows what you truly want and when you allow it to be your guide, so many things await you that you could have never even considered.

Get out of your comfort zone and shake things up a bit so that you can live the life you are truly meant to… one that is extraordinary.

My article this month is about fear and moving past it. I hope you find it helpful and please share with me one of your fears that you’d like to overcome.

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JUSTINE ARIAN, CPCC Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

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