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Last year I set myself 10 goals to accomplish in 2016. Many of them I had no idea of how or if I would actually accomplish them. One of these lofty goals was to travel to Europe. I had no savings plan in place and had no actual plan to get there.

Well guess what? My mom asked if she could take my 11 year old daughter to Europe this Summer. Her boyfriend lives in Amsterdam and she would be staying the whole Summer as she always does. That meant someone would need to fly my daughter home. Guess who that someone is? Yup, today I jump on a plane to Iceland and then Amsterdam to meet up with my mom and daughter. What a great lesson in setting the intention and then letting go of the how or when! It all came to be and was so easy and effortless.

More of that please!

What intentions will you set (and write down) for yourself this Summer? I’d love to hear about your heart’s deepest desires. Feel free to email me back and let me know what you are up to.

Ok… so today’s article is about that self-defeating voice that says, “You Are Not Enough”. I lived with that voice for a big part of my life and I hear and see so many women living by this false belief.

It is the voice that steals our joy, our self-love and our peace.

When one of my newsletter readers wrote me to ask some profound questions about how to get rid of that belief of “not enough,” it inspired me to write this article and create this video for her and for you.

If you know of someone who has this same belief, and I’m sure you do, please share it with them. You can be accountability and support partners for each other in applying the steps I share to overcome this detrimental belief. Believe me, you are not alone.

Please enjoy the info I’ve created for you and let me know what resonates with you most.

Talk again after Europe!


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JUSTINE ARIAN, CPCC Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

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