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Now is the time to take action and take responsibility for what you are creating in your life. You have the power to make some serious changes for the good in any area of your life you choose.

These steps will give you a good start:

  1. Set Your Intention. What is a word or feeling you would like to use to capture your next year? Different from a goal, an intention is a way of being rather than something you do. Think about a way of being or having that would potentially create the biggest breakthrough for you. What would that be? Give yourself some space to create a feeling state of how you’d like to be. Brainstorm a list of words that come to you without judging them or overthinking them. Just list. Then go back and “try on” each word and see how it feels in your body. When you feel a total YES then that is your word for 2017.

    If you absolutely cannot choose between two words then use them both. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Abundance, Self-love, Adventure, Flow, Action, Ease, Joy, Creativity, Forgiveness, Connection, Boldness, Self-Expression, Authenticity, Fearless, Playful, etc.

  2. Now take some time to create a vision for what you’d like your year to be like. In this vision, who are you with? What are you doing? How are you feeling? What is present? What sounds, smells, sights, tastes are there? Your vision may include your relationships, your health, your career, finances, personal growth, your personal environment (home, car, etc.), your leisure activities and more. Your vision may be limited to any one or a few areas and that is fine too. There’s no right or wrong way to do this. You get to make it up. Go ahead now and allow yourself to imagine how sweet life can be. Get a sense of what that feels like to have, do and be what you want. Really try it on. How do you feel?

  4. Now taking a look at the ‘Wheel of Life.’ I’d like you to choose a few of the areas that came to you in your vision and write about them. What did your vision look like in those areas? For instance, if career was a dominant theme, you may have envisioned yourself doing work you love, making good money, serving many of your ideal clients, having lots of free time to do what you want, etc. Go ahead and write down your vision in the dominant areas that came up for you.

  6. Next, we will move from the creative visioning process to the more practical planning process. Here is where the goal setting begins. Start with ONE area you’ve identified. Begin to write ideas about what it would take to fulfill this vision. Often times it’s easier to go from big picture and then move into smaller action steps. For instance and following the previous example I gave, my main areas in my career success vision were:
    • 1. Loving what I do
    • 2. Making good money
    • 3. Helping lots of people
    • 4. Having Free time.

    In order to achieve loving what I do and making good money, I would first need to know what are the things I love to do and which of them could I make money from? In order to do that I would need to brainstorm a list of things I love and research which of them are viable options. Then I would need to choose one and learn how to make a business out of it. In order to do that, I need to brainstorm a list and research what it takes to start a business. I would then break it down into specific, actionable steps and prioritize based on what needs to happen first and what would reap the greatest payoffs. You see, I started with a bigger vision and then began to break it down into action items, then I got more specific about what I would actually be doing. It is only when we have a clear vision of where we are going AND a specific plan to get us there, that we are able to achieve our version of success.

  7. A word of caution, sometimes the planning process can feel overwhelming, out of reach or too big. If this is happening for you then simplify and focus on one thing at a time. Choose ONE thing that would mean the most to you. Focus on your vision for that singular thing and then list some steps that could help you get there. Remember, baby steps will get you there too. It may take a bit longer but who cares, as long as you keep moving toward your goals. You will get there. And once you reach one goal, you can focus on the next. It can be that easy.

I know this is just a start and that you may need additional support in truly cultivating your vision and goals. If you would like help creating your personal vision and mapping out a plan to get you there, I have two ways to help you: 

First, if you are local to the LA/OC area, I am holding a “Powerful Visioning and Goal Setting for 2017” workshop in person on January 15th. In this half day workshop we will do the above process together and more. It will be extremely powerful and the price is very reasonable. You can find out more info. and register here:

The second way you can work with me to get clarity on your vision and goals is to book a private “Visioning and Goal Setting for 2017 Session” with me. I have a limited number of these sessions available and we will connect by phone or Zoom so you can participate from anywhere. You can find out more info. and claim your spot here: 

In closing I want to say this… You have more potential than you even know. You have amazing gifts to share with the world. You are completely worthy of great success and joy. Please let this year be the year that you get that at your core. No more doubting yourself, sabotaging your success and hiding out, OK?

This year more than ever, I am committed to speaking my truth, calling our your greatness and being an example of what it means to live your purpose, follow your passion and truly make a difference. To me there is no better time and no better person. Let’s do this together, side by side ok? It’s our time. 

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JUSTINE ARIAN, CPCC Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

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