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There’s Always Room For Dessert

By July 27, 2015No Comments

Eat dessert first
My grandma was known for her love of ice cream. The final thing she “ate” before she passed was a popsicle. She knew how to live. No matter how much she would eat at meal time she always had room for dessert. She loved to enjoy the sweetness of life, literally. But how does this equate to a life lesson?

Well let’s use dessert as a metaphor. Let’s say meals are the day-to-day happenings of life and desserts are the vacations. Everyday we must eat in order to nourish our bodies so we can function. Everyday we chose to go to work or whatever else we do. That is the meal. But what about the nourishment of our souls? In your daily routines where do you fit in the dessert or the sweetness of life, aka our vacations? Sure some of us plan much needed and probably long over due occasional vacations but how much sweeter would life be if we took mini-vacations every day!

Now back to my grandma. While she did love to travel and did it often, she also found joy in simple pleasures. She had a hearty laugh and used it often. She had the best sense of humor. She got excited every time she got a phone call from a relative or friend and really enjoyed the conversation. She delighted in her desserts and she generally had a great attitude about life and living.

So what is your dessert of choice? What fills you up and brings you joy? Where could you sprinkle a little or a lot more sweetness into your life? I invite you to actually eat dessert today without the guilt. Just appreciate it and enjoy it to the fullest. Maybe you want to actually plan a getaway or maybe you want to do something for yourself that brings you joy and satisfaction. Go for it. There’s always room for dessert.

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