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You Are Enough.

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Recently I spoke to a group of women and men about Purpose, capability and the self-limiting beliefs (Inner Bully) that puts us in a box and holds us back from fulfilling on our life’s work. The message was you are enough, you are here to make an impact and the world needs what you have but there’s a problem. The problem is your inner bully who beats you up and says you aren’t enough, who do you think you are, you’re not worthy, what will they think, etc. The bully has put you in a box and steals your joy, your peace and your ability to make an impact, among other things.

It was amazing to me how many people came up to me and thanked me for my message. They said it resonated so deeply with their heart and soul. It made me realize how universal this message is and how people really need to hear it. And more than that, how people need solutions to breaking free from the inner bully and busting out of the box.

I offered one master key with 5 suggestions to help break free. Not to say that you will never be put in a box or have to confront your bully again, but with these tools you will more quickly be able to identify the bully, distinguish her voice from your own, and re-connect to your true self who is so much more powerful than your bully.

The master key is connection. You have been disconnected and all there is to do is re-connect.

Here are the 5 areas to connect:

1. Connect to your inner strength (or your inner BFF). This is the part of you that knows you are enough, that knows you are worthy and that sees your potential, your strengths, your skills, your gifts and your values. Connect to the parts of you that give you strength and confidence.

2. Connect to your purpose and passion. When you understand the impact you are here to make and WHY it’s important to you, and when you are connected to that, nothing is more important.

3. Connect to your Spirituality or something greater than yourself. You are not alone, ever. When you feel the universal energies that exist and that you are part of, you know there is something greater going on that you can tap into at any time.

4. Connect to Others who support you and see your potential. Create your inner circle and regularly connect to and surround yourself with them. There are plenty of naysayer out there even in your own family. Do not give your power away to them. Connect to those that get you, see you and believe in you.

5. Connect to your heart. Here is where your intuition lies. This is your inner knowing and when connected, you will always know the best next step for you.

Begin to cultivate daily connection practices. The more you utilize these connection tools, the more impactful they are and the easier they are to access. Do what works for you. Play with these connection tools and let me know what practices you come up with. I’d love to hear in the comments section what has worked for you and how you are utilizing connection practices to break free from the box and your inner bully. When you share you help others. I really would like to know if/how my share has made a difference for you. And always remember, you are enough.Anti_bullyin_posters

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