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Last weekend my family and I marched in the women’s march in Los Angeles. Since a young child, my father took my brother and I to marches and rallies standing up for civil rights and social justice. On Sunday, I got to carry on the tradition with my own children and have them experience part of making history, or in this case making HERstory.

There is nothing like being part of a collective of people who are passionate and motivated to stand up for causes that affect the masses. Being in the streets with hundreds of thousands of people (women, men and children) who are learning together, leaning on each other and showing solidarity, is an experience unlike any other. There is such an aliveness and feeling of unity and being part of something bigger than ourselves that permeates our bodies and souls.

I asked a few of the young people around me what they thought of the whole scene and they responded, “it’s exciting!” For many of them, it’s probably the first time experiencing this type of energy and collectivity. Hopefully, it is the beginning of an activation of their own feminine power and voice. I believe the current environment is what was needed to wake people up and come alive again (or for the first time).

We have come so far as a country in terms of equality and justice for all, and yet there is so much more to be done. I have heard people question why women are protesting and marching when we have so much. What these women fail to realize is that we were not handed the rights we exercise today, they were hard fought for by many women who came before us. And while, yes we can vote and work in non-traditional trades and outside the home, we are still not seen or treated as equal to men. We still receive less pay for the same work compared to men. We are not seen as capable as men when it comes to most things. We are still sexualized and minimized culturally and in the minds of the majority. There are so many examples of how women are seen and treated as less than. And we women have largely accepted it. We have silenced our voices, shrunk in the presence of men, downplayed our own power, care too much about what others think, and have not fully claimed our power.

When women claim their personal power, and not the kind of power over but the power within, it has the ability to change fear into love, violence into peace, division into unity, intolerance into acceptance, injustice into kindness and ultimately transform the world. Feminine power is the kind that is needed right now.

No matter where you stand politically, it’s hard to argue that the world needs healing. The world needs people, and especially women to take a stand for good. Women are being called on to discover what they are passionate about and take a stand for that. Honestly, it doesn’t really matter what your passion is or how it looks, what matters is that you come alive through living and sharing your passion with the world. When each of us are connected to our passion and purpose, we positively make an impact that ripples out to our families, our friends and our communities. This is where real change begins, within each one of us. So, if you are feeling complacent (like I have been) or are wondering what you can do to make a difference, then I encourage you to take a look at what you are passionate about, what brings you alive, what pisses you off that you would take a stand against, and these will reveal the difference you are here to make.

Please do not dim your light for fear of how others might feel. Please do not think you being one person cannot make a difference. Please do not feel your passion is trivial and would not make a positive impact.

Please DO take a stand for something. Please DO use your voice for the good. Please DO understand how important and needed you are.

If you have been wanting to do more, be more or have a greater impact, NOW is the time! If you are ready to amplify your impact, know that you are not alone and there is community to support you. It’s time to become part of the collective of women (and men) who are doing great things in the world, in their communities and even in their own homes. It all matters.

I am committed more than ever to supporting women, and especially moms, to own their personal power, find their passion and purpose, and use them to really make a difference. That is the stand I am taking and the contribution I am making.

Please share what you are committed to. What do you stand for? What are you passionate about? Your sharing will inspire others. This is where you get to take action and DO something starting right now! Your voice absolutely matters. Stand up and be counted.

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JUSTINE ARIAN, CPCC Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

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